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We aren’t designers. We're Mariah & Tray, just an ordinary couple who started this company because life's too short and we wanted to spend it doing something we love. Our goal is to create the perfect buttery-soft shorts that are so versatile, you'll only take them off on laundry day. Our brand embodies comfort, travel, making the world a better place & having fun.

Whether you're at the beach, pool, party, gym or even just relaxing in your backyard, Bamboo Ave has you covered. We focus on sourcing the highest quality material to make all of our products as comfortable and long-lasting as possible. This is just the beginning for us - we have a big vision for Bamboo Ave and hope to have you along on this journey with us!

Less serious & more fun. Take that vacation & enjoy yourself comfortably with Bamboo Ave.


We wanted shorts that you can do ANYTHING in. Literally --- ANYTHING. Life moves quick, and who has time to change shorts with every activity? With our shorts, we can guarantee water resistance, deep pockets, and a four-way stretch that moves with you -- so you’re ready for whatever life throws at you.

We also believe that comfort trumps all and got rid of the inner lining so there's no more chafing and way more relaxing. So whether you’re swimming, grilling, working, or chilling, you can do it all in max comfort. 


At Bamboo Ave, we believe in being up front and honest. We’re currently working on perfecting buttery-soft shorts that are made of 100% recycled material. Our goal is to create shorts that are for anywhere and anyone, without harming the awesome planet we live on.

We use ethical suppliers, pay everyone who touches Bamboo Ave a living wage, and even have a shorts repurposing program to eliminate unnecessary textile waste. Come along for the ride and watch us grow to be the change we wish to see! 

Our Team



From brand building to long-term strategy, Tray keeps the vision strong! Outside of the office, Tray is obsessed with experiencing new cultures, loves mangoes and can't forget to mention his obsession with the Green Bay Packers & Aaron Rodgers!



Mariah's job is to do what it takes to make you as passionate about Bamboo Ave as we are. She is a jack of all trades - making new designs one day and connecting with partners to grow the brand further the next. In her free time, Mariah is a true wiz with the air-fryer and loves to whip up spicy shrimp tacos.


Brand Director

When things get tough for the team, we look to Larry for inspiration and guidance. It takes a while to get in touch with him as he resides in rural Thailand but it's always worth the trip. That's it - the team is small but always looking to grow!