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The peeps behind the shorts

We’re not designers. We’re Mariah and Tray, a travel-hungry couple who founded Bamboo Ave because life is frighteningly short and we want to live it doing something we love.

We set out to produce the
world's most versatile clothing that is so unexpectedly comfortable, you’ll only take it off on laundry day (and you might even skip laundry day - we aren't here to judge).

Design details

This brand was built on curiosity, travel, comfort, and chipping in to help both the people you meet and the planet you walk on. We tirelessly focus on sourcing recycled materials to engineer clothing that’s as durable and lasting as it is comfortable.

We could rattle off a list of all the places you can confidently take your Bamboo Ave clothing. But that list would be longer than an airport security line the day before Christmas.

Except for maybe Antarctica, our clothing can and should go with you everywhere. We know that life keeps moving, and we want you to
keep moving with it.

Take a stroll on Bamboo Ave. 

A couple of years ago, we had the incredible opportunity to visit Laos, an exotic oasis of towering mountains and lush wet forests. One day, sitting in a small cafe sipping a hot beverage, the concept for Bamboo Ave smacked us in the face like a fat green palm leaf.

Perhaps it was the plants outside the cafe windows, or a build up of tropical imagery plastered across our subconscious minds. Maybe, it was just a cool name that presented itself out of nowhere at all. But at that moment,
Bamboo Ave was born.

To us, walking down Bamboo Ave means being in a curious, carefree, fun-seeking mindset. Letting life’s memorable moments unravel before you, and tagging along for the ride.

- Mariah & Tray