5 Ways to Wear Shorts For a Versatile Look

5 Ways to Wear Shorts For a Versatile Look - Bamboo Ave.

Shorts are a wardrobe staple in warm-weather fashion, offering a comfortable and breezy alternative to pants. Yet, many make the mistake of associating shorts with casual, laid back outfits limiting their potential for versatile styling. In fact, shorts can be incredibly fashionable and adaptable when combined with the right pieces. While shorts are perfect for a casual outing, they are also ideal for sports, or a semi-formal occasion. In this blog post, we will look at some creative ways to wear shorts for a versatile look that blends comfort and style. 


Effortlessly Chic: The Tailored Shorts


Tailored shorts are the go-to shorts for a sophisticated and polished look. These shorts are typically made from suiting fabric, cotton, linen or seer-sucker and feature a more structured silhouette, giving them a dressier appeal. You can pair them with a crisp, button-down shirt or a fitted blouse for a refined ensemble. Add a belt to cinch the waist and complete the look with a pair of loafers, brogues or derbies to complete the look. This outfit is perfect for a brunch date, a garden party, or a summer wedding where you want to make a fashionable statement.


Classic and Casual: The Chino Shorts


Chino shorts are a timeless and versatile option that can elevate any casual outfit. Pair them with a simple crew-neck t-shirt or a button-down shirt in a complementary colour. Tuck in the shirt for a neater appearance or leave it untucked for a more relaxed vibe. Chino shorts look best with clean white sneakers or leather loafers to This look is perfect for a casual day out, a backyard barbecue, or a relaxed weekend gathering.


Relaxed and Boho: The Denim Cutoffs


Think Denim Cutoffs and the immediate response is a carefree, bohemian vibe that can be effortlessly styled for a laid-back, yet fashionable look. Pair your denim shorts with a simple graphic t-shirt or a plain, fitted crew neck tee. Roll up the hem of the shorts slightly for a relaxed vibe. Complete the outfit with a pair of clean, white sneakers or canvas shoes. This look is perfect for running errands, casual outings with friends, or a relaxed day at the beach. Alternatively, you can elevate your denim shorts for a smart-casual look by combining them with a lightweight, button-down shirt in a solid color or a subtle pattern such as stripes or checks. Opt for a well-fitted shirt and leave it untucked for a more relaxed feel. Add a pair of leather loafers or boat shoes to enhance the dressier vibe. This outfit is ideal for summer parties, casual dinners, or outdoor events where you want to strike a balance between style and comfort.


Sporty and Trendy: Bamboo Ave’s The Boundless Shorts


The Boundless Shorts, true to their name are boundless. These are all-day wear shorts that are as versatile as they can get. Wear it to the gym or go swimming in them. Made from sustainable and quick-drying fabric, the shorts are uber comfortable and come in a variety of colours in 5-inch inseam shorts and 7-inch inseam. Combine them with a moisture-wicking performance t-shirt or a sporty tank top. Layer with a lightweight zip-up hoodie or a track jacket for an athleisure-inspired look. Finish off with athletic shoes or sneakers in a complementary color. This outfit is ideal for a workout session, a casual outdoor activity, running an errand or simply lounging at home. 



Effortless and Casual: The Linen Shorts


Linen shorts are the epitome of summer sophistication, offering lightweight and breathable comfort. Choose a neutral or pastel shade for a fresh and elegant look. Pair them with a linen or lightweight cotton shirt in a complementary colour. Leave the shirt untucked for a relaxed appearance. Complete the look with leather sandals or slip-on loafers. Consider adding a straw hat or a pair of sunglasses for a touch of summer style. This outfit is ideal for garden parties, summer weddings, or any occasion where you want to look effortlessly refined.




Shorts don't have to be limited to casual, laid-back outfits. By choosing the right style and pairing them with the appropriate pieces, you can create versatile looks that suits various occasions. Ultimately, your overall look can be as stylish and cool as you decide it to be. Be creative and experiment to find the right look for you.

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