Oh…we didn't think anyone would actually scan that. Welcome to Bamboo Ave.

Now that you’ve watched that incredibly cringy video….

Congrats, your curiosity led you straight to our chaotic digital paradise. As it turns out, we're also fans of curiously exploring the unbeaten path, the wild, and the extraordinary. By giving our Boundless Shorts a shot, you've just hit the jackpot of unexpected comfort and limitless versatility.

Our Boundless Shorts are as adaptable as you are – they'll follow you from mountain trails to city streets, and everywhere in between. Just maybe not to Antarctica...yet.

Our Story

“I've officially found the holy grail of shorts. They’re the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn and they’re sustainable too?? I feel like I just leveled up in the game of life & my legs have never been happier. A++.”
— Jason T.

You've just become part of Bamboo Ave, where we're obsessed with turning yesterday's trash into today's fashion (not literally, of course). While we're not about to claim the title of 'World's Most Sustainable Brand,' we're all about rolling up our sleeves and doing our part.

We've still got a long way to go, and we're not afraid to admit it. But we're committed to this epic journey towards protecting this planet we love exploring. So, buckle up for this exciting adventure with us - we promise it will be full of laughs, surprises, and damn comfortable shorts.

The masterminds behind the shorts you're about to be obsessed with.
Jk we're just regular folks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bet you've got a million and one questions about your brand new Boundless Shorts - we get it, they're pretty phenomenal. It's a bit like winning the lottery and suddenly everyone's your best friend. Well, you're in luck - we've got answers. Here are some FAQs to help you navigate your journey on the 'comfortably stylish, eco-friendly shorts' express.

The Q's

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